I know there will be many who see this as fighting on the wrong side but I no this was not planned this was not intended to happen by anything that had to do with me .

I have always said that the things you do not want to do or the things that you would say I would or could never do God always finds a way to lay it right before you. This could have never been truer than this

I am going to be working with child molesters and sexual offenders starting Dec 17th in a small group setting in a prison in Lansing Kansas. The Goal in the small group in which I will be leading
strike that
The Holy Spirit will be leading is to mentor them and help them lead a productive life after prison.

I had no intentions of doing this but it is how it all played out . ONLY THE HAND OF GOD could be behind this , many mixed emotions came over me but ultimately i prayed and asked not my will but thy will be done.

After all Christ always went after what the world deemed throw aways and sinners . Well it does not get much deeper than this . This is what having the characteristics of Christ is all about I no this is going to take me to a whole different place in my walk with him. I could not spend the time needed to tell everyone how this happen but all i need to no is that for everything that did happen
happened in such a way that it could only be God .

so i am going to be obedient and ask for prayers and for the Holy Spirit to Guide me and use me to speak his words and not my own . For my flesh to be overcome with the power of the Spirit . Pray for wisdom and direction and most of all for the Will of God to be done .

thanks for reading

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