If someone had told me two years ago I would be living on Big Island in a remote off-grid community..solar and rainwater catchment system..harvest fruit and medicinal plants from the jungle and finally begin to heal after over three decades of aloneness I would not have believed it.
Sure..maybe some cabin in the California or Oregon mountains or a institution for the unable.
But here I am for the past 1 1/2 years in the Puna, the wet Eastern side of the island.

The Hobit House is owned by Mara and along with five other cottages is on a five acre exotic bird sanctuary with over forty breeding parrots and other game birds plus a pond full of talipia in front of the Hobit House..its all solar and custom tile all over the place and indoor shower with beautiful tile of sea turtles. I lived for seven months in a elevated Solar Hut couple hundred yards up the trail. Mara has grown every kind of fruit allowed on Hawaii there. She also has giant tortoses and two monkeys.

This is a great one.



There are also great family size off-grid homes or the Kona and North side of Big Island where it gets less rain but pricey. Here beautiful three bedrooms go for $850 and up.

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