Lee wish the wife was ready, just the kids our out of school and neither has a “professional job” so it’s out of the question now, hell when they graduated neither could find a job in Texas so for about 6 months we all lived in a 900˛/ft condo on a mountain top, loved the views, hated being cramped, also hated having to put chains on just to get up and down the mountain in winter, btw moved down the mountain into 1700˛/ft condo, and yes they still are living in my house @24.
Thanx Bob
Gary I currently live in a small town, under 3500 people, the closest “big city” is an hour away and has a whopping 50,000 people, I did grow up in the “big city” ATL, but spent lots of time in the swamps of SW FL and the Appalachians, even trekked across some of the AT back in the day. I just always felt so at peace surrounded by nature its where we belong, however I could see living in Manhattan, LA, San Diego, Montreal, Vancouver or Boston, the Vermont thing is just about finally checking out and going low impact, small scale farming, off grid, off some dirt road in some remote mountain hollow, something that the wife supports. No your so right we do isolate ourselves with this shit, and that’s what I mean, even though my wife “says she’s there for me”, just what she says is not someone who understands, years ago when she was drunk she related a rape experience to me I was there for her, I held her for hours ,and just listened, just her reaction was so cold, when I told her and has not changed, she know the outline and some small details not every last thing hell I don’t want to remember every last thing do I ? I just feel so alone, in that way, that’s why I ramble here, cause I can no longer talk to her about this, so whatever, thanx for listening.

"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine