It really is complicated. The list of issues is long and some experience a few and some many. Some to a larger degree and some less.

I my case how much of my problems were caused by the sexual abuse and how much because of the issues at home? Did I smoke pot as a result of the CSA or was it just oppertunity, the environment at the time, fun experimentation or a bunch of other things? Why did I completely blow grade 11 in high school? Was it the poor transition from middle school (as they call it now) that I had to repeat but after we moved to a different part of the city and a different school? How did the CSA effect my shyness and the lack ability to make friends? Or was being told we were lousy children a bigger factor? How much of what was vissible was just adolescence?

At what point does a behaviour become a "sign".

My abuse ended 40 years ago. Other than being single and the lack of friends there was nothing that you could count as a sign. It was only after a number of years of a lot of stress did things start to fall apart.

Thinking about it some more. How does the person feel about themself? How open are they to others? Do they trust? Those are signs.

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