I know how you feel. I have heard it from people but not my own family. I have been shunned and it hurts. I now realize as what has been said here, this is why we do not tell. But once you tell it helps to set you free but the reactions can re-victimize you. I am so sorry for you.

I posted elsewhere that I posted on facebook at One Heart a Penn State site for CSA, I thought my posting was a private message but it turned out not to be. It was posted on my wall and to my amazement I heard from many, their support was overwhelming. They said it was not my fault-it was wonderful to hear these words from people who had at some point been a part of my life. It is wonderful and it would be more wonderful if I heard it from my family. I do not expect it because whatever their fears are, they are not willing to face them.

Esposa--your support and seeing those words as a wife, helps not only Still but all survivors who crave to hear those words from their families. Thank you.

Still, it was not your fault, you were a child and your mind was played with, they not only sexually abused you, they emotionally and psychologically abused you. Stay strong and remember we all know it was not your fault.

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