The returning US Warriors with traumatic events stuck on "replay" 24-hours a day don't want to be heard either. I wonder what THEY need to be told? But they are said to be "stronger for having been through it."

I survived and seemingly thrived for a short time. Only (not "only" in a diminutive way) a T and fellow survivors call me "strong."

I feel like filthy demon-seed. I felt like it then. I feel like it now. I knew then that I was evil-meat. I feel that way now.

When its was so foundational...such an element of my life-development, I feel The Filthy Demon Seed name is accurate and deserved.

They just donít get what it does to you how it destroys everything about you, how things that are so special and beautiful were taken from you, how the magic of love really works, how sex is not love, how wrong it was what was done to us.

I still don't know this. I don't know what I missed. I DO know what the outcome of the normals lives are, but I'll never know a life without those horrors and freedom. I'll never know frivolous play. I'll never know what being a care-free child was about. I can only observe.

Mike Lew said in VNL that; "Survivors feel as if everyone but them got a life-manual, but he did not."

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