Hi, I just joined, and you can hear a little about myself and my husband in Introductions. I wanted to ask about any signs, now in hindsight, that child abuse victims showed while or after they were being victimized. I feel angry towards my in-laws (especially my m-i-l because she was married to the abuser) that they never put "two and two" together that something seriously wrong happened to my husband as a child.

Things that I know about my husband's childhood and teenage years:

He was extremely disruptive in elementary school, and was eventually labeled with ADD.

He was heavily medicated to treat said ADD and at times was turned into a zombie. His parents even had him hospitalized a couple of times, but my husband doesn't go into detail about those experiences. (The most recent time we talked about the meds/hospitals was when he got really angry hearing that his dad put one of his siblings on ADD meds.)

Also when he was a kid, he was experiencing seizure-like episodes where his brain pretty much shut down. After exhausted testing, the doctors never figured out what was wrong with him. Perhaps psychosomatic symptoms?

He gained a lot of weight throughout his child and teen years, which is actually something I relate to because I've struggled with mine as well and also have felt some episodes of depression from time to time.

As a teenager, my husband smoked pot on a regular basis and got into fights at school. After his family moved and he changed schools, he withdrew into a depression and eventually dropped out.

After that is when he and I met and our friendship blossomed. He's managed to turn into a pretty great adult, but as I said in my introduction, he's buried his past. I always wonder if it's going to resurface (but that's a topic for another post).

-Edit: He also got into fights at home - fights with his father turned physical, and led to my husband almost walking out and becoming homeless. I've seen a few flashes of that rage (and had to patch holes because of it) but he says it was a lot worse before I came into the picture.

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