Yes, I've done that too. Purposely reminding myself and getting myself triggered... and yes, cutting.

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Wow!!! A light just went on for me....that is the 'meeting' my inner child thing everyone goes on about. I just realised as I was typing that that is what happened for me. I have never 'got' that whole inner child thing until now. Huh!

Yes, that's kinda what it's been about for me. I don't have DID and I don't see my younger self as an alternate personality... he's just a younger, more screwed up version of me, that I had to reconnect with in order to start learning to accept who I am.

I think you are right - going back and reminding ourselves of where we come from, is an attempt to reconnect with who we were and who we are.

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PS. I agree with Pero: Crazy Gecko really knows his stuff about cutting and he really helped me to get it under control. smile

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with becoming the "resident expert". It's just that I've just spent a lot of time struggling with cutting, and fighting to get it under control. And I've written a bit about my journey. But it's such a personal thing...
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