Hi Jaybro ...
There is one thing that comes to mind here ... and that is your age.
If you are seeking support from people in your age group I think it might be wise to look at the broader picture.
It may not be your issues that are hard for them to deal with ... it may also have something to do with the fact that you may, because of your trauma, grown up.
They have not ... or more to the point ... they may not want to.
As the old song goes 'girls just want to have fun.'
Many of them may themselves had far from ideal histories, and may just want to be carefree and selfishly joyous of their new-found freedom ...
Perhaps they are not ready for 'heavy' considerations, having not yet dealt with their own.
At the age of 28 I had to leave a wife I loved dearly, move to another city, and I threw myself into a whole new life. The last thing I wanted to do initially was to deal with my own crap, much less somebody else's.
You know what the gay community is like ... especially for the kids.
Fun ... fun ... fun.
This may also lend itself to older people who are trapped in situations that they are now in because at a young age they did what was expected of them and the easiest thing to do, and are now resentful, and perhaps unkind and dismissive, and jealous of someone who escaped the conventions of society.
"Look what I got ... a mortgage, worried about getting laid off, 2 car loans, 3 kids and a wife who doesn't understand why I'm not happy. Stop whining" (and by the way here are a couple of mean shots because I hate you ... and myself)
I ran into people like that myself, but in person, who were forced to live two lives ... one a lie ..
and one a life they would not be living had they had a choice when they were your age ... also a lie.

I speak from personal experience only ...

I hope you can find the support you justly deserve ... soon.
Experience is a brutal teacher.