We have had terrible snow storm last day, temperature drooped 15 degrees we have had terrible cold wind with heavy snow all day long and transport collapsed.
I've had to fly to south at coast and my flight was cancelled, I've spent all day at airport waiting and when I came my home last night I was very disappointed.
I planned to meet someone who is getting close to my hearth lately, it would be our third such date and I was very lonely when I came back my home. Our flight was the only one that has been cancelled after airport opened upon storm.
Here is photo taken from my window couple hours before I went to the airport:

And again this morning I was awaken by silence. It was crystal clear, I could hear only here and there sounds of someone walking trough frozen snow (usually people with dogs as my place has been surrounded with parks), I've been enjoying hearing sharp sounds of steps trough it. I like that sound from my early childhood as well as snow. Beside that I could hear pack of pigeons confused with new scenery flying around in search for safe spot.
I sleep very low on the floor on modern western kind of futon placed above huge windows (windows are longer than my futon) and I love to be even while sleeping connected to the outside environment.
So when I sensed such peaceful morning I was up and I took couple of photos.
Here is photo taken during the dawn (I love cold blue color ow dawn in winter time):

Here are my friends, pack of pigeons that have colony in nearby buildings (blue colors of winter dawn disappeared upon first glimpse of early Sun) :

And while I've been writing this post Sun came to greet me smile

And yes this morning was again very beautiful and it brought me needed peace.
Peace to all of you!
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