Thanks guys,

I can't tell you hou much of a need your wisdom, story's and encouragement has met for me. So many thought and fealings. I usually shoot them down before they get off the ground but I am starting to let a few of them fly around a bit. Right now I am thankfully and I feal like I belong to something real and true when I interact with you all.

Been a bit of a crazy day for me. I walked in a walkathon to be with and to support my wife in some of her goals. So many people. I could not stay present. Numbed out, checked out. That fealing of sufication and dread just .. 15 mins in I started to relax a bit. It seamed like everyone belonged there excepted me. They were having fun. I wanted to disappear.

I want to keep doing things to be with and support my wife and I will.
But man that took a lot out of me. 12 hours later and I am still fealing the trama of the morning. Next time will be easer at least I will know what to expect and will be able to mentally prepare.

It seams I want to minimize all of my fealings and difficulties.

I ganed so much today reading and sharing, some light went on for me. I see new thing and I have new insight and hope.

At peace in my sole,
Take care all, M
Just because it's complicated doesn't mean we can't figure it out.