This is a comprehensive article detailing all 3 accusers against Kevin Clash, all of them 15-16 at the time.

Two of them - Cecil Singleton and "D.O." - say they met Clash on gay chat lines and were willing participants, but now years later feel bad about it because of the totally unequal dynamics in age and authority; they say it's a potential risk for him to work around kids so much.

The first - Sheldon Stevens - tells a very different story. He insists he was a heterosexual and a virgin and at 15 only hung out with Clash because the older man promised he'd help build an acting career. That when they were together Clash plied him with drugs and steered everything towards sex, and now with it all done he's dealing with confusing SSA feelings. This is the one who recanted his accusation, then un-recanted it and gave the money back.

Kinda hard to know how to respond. Some elements of the story read like a shakedown / pile-on, and there doesn't seem to be any proof of sex while any of them were minors. But the stories do all basically match. The Stephens matter is the most disturbing in terms of the grooming and coercion described.

"Elmo" is an American icon - I can't be the only parent here with hordes of his merchandise and crap in the house - so the story becomes very sad both if it's true and if it's false.

What do others think? Do you believe the accusers?

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