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The mood of my captivity was similar to that shown in the above photos. Desolate, lonely, helpless, hopeless. Yes, in that sense it is quite provocative to me too, but for me it's a memory. So it's yes, I've "been there, done that" in the sense of having been held captive like that. Perhaps he even enjoyed that aspect of abuse of making somebody captive and subduing their will.


Puffer I'm more than sure that sadistic abusers are doing it because of feelings of helplessness, desolation and fear in eyes of victims frown
These pictures are because of that very very troublesome for me, I can see how they looked on that children-victims, absolute domination (and beyond) was only goal of such treatment, if it is needed destruction has been applied till victim wasn't brought to the weakest spot between reality and loss of consciousness, between life and death where sense of lost is the strongest frown
It is true that they are looking for some type of victims. That sometimes doesn't include only "look", for example will to fight till last moment and instincts shown during such torture could be equally of interest frown

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