Yes, I suppose that kind of thing might have happened at various times. Yet there is the matter of the method of operation. There seems to be a matter of "style" in the use of clean, new, hemp ropes tied with a meticulous attention to type of knot.

However, I wasn't tied in that position. I think that's called 'hog-tying', and it's for restraint. On the Johnny Gosch web site it says that those were 'trophy photos'.

I know that my abuser was an expert at knots because he showed us the booth at the camp where he taught the use of knots. He demonstrated the tying of various knots with that same kind of hemp rope. Every kind of knot was demonstrated in front of the booth. It was quite intriguing. After leaving the knot-tying booth he led us up a wooded path to the top of a hill. On the way he was pointing out the different kinds of trees. He made a comment about the slippery elm tree... I even mention that in my pufferfish story part 5. The next booth was actually a rustic floor with a roof and lots of tables around for making leaf imprints. To a 12-year-old it was quite intriguing.

I know that the knots Johnny is tied with have specific names, which I don't remember for sure. There are names such as clove-hitch, half-hitch etc. I think that in the photo the boy's legs are tied with the same kind of knot used to tie logs together. His hands are tied too tightly and they are turning red, so the circulation has been impeded. The knot on the wrists may be called a 'clove hitch'.

I was tied in a different position. He took me out of bed while I was sleeping. I awoke nude and face-up, one arm tied (with that kind of rope) to each bedpost and one ankle to the other bedposts, etc., etc. The position is called the 'spreadeagle'. sex position. I think he used that term but not that night.

The mood of my captivity was similar to that shown in the above photos. Desolate, lonely, helpless, hopeless. Yes, in that sense it is quite provocative to me too, but for me it's a memory. So it's yes, I've "been there, done that" in the sense of having been held captive like that. Perhaps he even enjoyed that aspect of abuse of making somebody captive and subduing their will.


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