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Eric, how do you know I handled it well????

I suppose I made an unwarranted assumption - but you did become a productive member of society and raised a family, the basic tenets of functionality. I guess I made a leap of logic from there that when someone is functional in the face of adversity, they "handled it well." Of course that is not the same as saying they "felt good about it." I guess I'm a bit envious of that ever-elusive "family man" with two and a half kids, a dog and a picket fence that I wanted myself. It never happened for me and i'm probably operating under my own weird delusions that if I could have sired a family it would have made everything perfect. You did and I'm just sort of awed by that.

Maybe you kept at it because of the same reason you did it for your sister and her friends. Maybe you were afraid that some other girls would get it if not for you intervening.

Once the girls were saved, I was still his to lay. I don't know a whole lot of terms for that. Slut comes to mind.

I was a hustler and I never left. I was tortured and I never left, I was photographed and never left. It seemed like everyone was after my ass. Sfather, my gym teacher, the movie people and the photographers. I never said no to any of it. I was a great example of a real shitty kid. I never left any of them. That's what's sick.

Well I don't think a little kid could say "no" or leave with "everyone after" him like that. When you could, you did. I didn't. Hey - we were both prostitutes with our own "prices". Then we changed. I got lost in a selfish, self-absorbed mission to find myself, re-enacting, trying to get it right. But you put away that childish nonsense and became a man. You saw your responsibilities. Sometimes that's the best we can do. What you accomplished required unselfish devotion. I salute you - and wish I had that kind of discipline. You are a better man than most, Jeff - and I wish you peace in your mission to be whole with little Jeff.