VERY brief response to your post, deserving a longer follow-up later:

Shawn Hornbeck did not go to the police, did not help Ownby escape. He guarded him as ordered. Both boys were rescued because when Ownby was kidnapped another boy was literally right next to him - a point blank range eyewitness - who happened to have a Rain Man level interest in cars and memorized all details of the vehicle and had told the cops everything within about 2 hours of the crime.

It still took them 4 days to track the guy down, during which time he fucked Ownby 17 times.

You might be thinking of Steven Stainer, who was kidnapped and enslaved from 7-14 and when his perp kidnapped a 5-year-old THEN he helped that kid escape to the cops. But that was so long ago (early '70s I think?) that the cops wouldn't even prosecute the perp for raping him because at that time it was thought to be too much of a stain on the boy to ever be said out loud.


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