Panda ...

I was going to let your earlier statement about me stand without comment ... but in light of further developments ... I cannot.

What you said is true ... we did speak at length and shared some intimate details of our lives as they pertained to your particular set of circumstances.

You asked me a direct question about how I thought you would be received here ...
and I BEGAN to answer.

What you fail to include is that, as I was typing the second sentence of my answer you abruptly, and rudely, left before I could finish even that next line.
You did not do me the courtesy of allowing me to finish my thoughts on the matter,
and chose instead to be offended by a sentence that was not intended to stand alone,
and was taken completely out of context.

I will not dignify your statement by completing what I was going to say ...
but as you seem intent on bringing what was intended to be a private conversation
into the public forum I will say this.

What you imply by your statement is in no way, shape, or form how I feel about you, or about your presence here,
or how I believe others will accept you on your own terms.

Experience is a brutal teacher.