Shawn Hornbeck - kidnapping victim and sex slave from 11-14 - after 4 years of rape and torture and child porn and at least one serious murder attempt on him - helped his perp kidnap the next victim Ben Ownby and then stood guard over the younger boy so he couldn't escape before the perp broke him.

Upon rescuing the boys, the DA took about 4 minutes to declare that no, obviously Hornbeck would not be charged with anything.

Was that a mistake, Jeff? Should he have been found responsible for kidnapping, conspiracy, accessory to rape? Bill O'Reilly gave Hornbeck a hard time fir not just walking away, since he was allowed to walk around town and even ride a bike - you do the same for "Little Jeff." But what is "away" when you can be attacked at any time by someone who has proven they can destroy you? When you can be attacked anywhere and are safe nowhere? When you can't even control your own body and someone 40 years and many warm beds away says you should have been in control as much as Houdini escaping a straitjacket underwater?

Another case study - Todd Bequette, kidnapped / sex slaved / tortured from 13-14, also eventually given some amount of walk-around privileges, also forced to help trick and kidnap subsequent victims.

When someone is tortured and assaulted with deadly weapons and has mo sense of safety or escape, they will do what they must to live.

One of my favorite cousins is 14. He's hilarious and bright and kind and outgoing, really a kid anyone would be proud to have as a son. He's also a CHILD, he looks and acts like one, and my blood curdles at thinking of him as a proxy to "Little Jeff." Honestly the CSA would seem less hideous in his case than the physical brutality, attempted murder, and use of professional torture devices invented in the secret police dungeons of fascist dictatorships that have no function but to break and enslave people. I survived CSA, people survive it as awful as it is, but upon any thought of extreme violence befalling that cousin of mine, I'm sorry, I can't envision him surviving. I seriously would not be able to conceive of him NOT just dying right away. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that would get him to live would be in-bounds. I read your story and I still repeat: ANYTHING.

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