I'm probably not the first to wonder about this but I feel like my H has no empathy. I feel like he can't see anything besides his own hurts and disapointments. He can't see how his coldness and anger are so hurtful to me. It leaves me feeling a lot like maybe he just isn't that into me. He wear headphones most of the time and is always on his laptop phone or watching tv. I feel like he constantly sends the message that he wants to not be bothered. But then when we go to therepy he will complain that he feels like we are just roomates and protest the distance between us. And naturally its all my fault because I'm the one who won't communicate. This makes me insane all I do is try to communicate tell him how much I want his attention try to think of things he might want to talk about. I just get pushed away he acts annoyed that I'm trying to talk to him and then goes back to therapy again complaining that we aren't even a couple and we don't communicate and that he doesn't understand why I feel so hurt and lonley. I feel like he cannot see anything past his own nose. He can't step into another shoes and try to understand them. This makes me crazy and leaves me seething. I feel like he screams for closeness one moment but when it is offered he rejects it. Is this type of behavior common? Any advice? I try to bring it up and ask why he does this but all I ever get in reply is an "I don't know" so frustrating.
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