There are things about the Gosch case that are unbelievably creepy even by pedo kidnapping standards.


The mother, Noreen Gosch, has several times over the years been sent photos of boys who had been bound and gagged, some of them pretty clearly in tears and distress. One of them sure seems widely agreed to be the real Johnny Gosch post-kidnapping - wraring the same pants he was in on his last day at home. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children seems to find them genuine. She put most of them up on her website, but says there are others she was sent that she cannot post, pictures showing Johnny and other boys soon after their rapes, with rectal bleeding.

She also swears that Johnny visited her once afterwards, describing a bizarre middle-of-the-night meeting with a then 27-year-old Johnny and a slightly older man, to whom Johnny behaved subserviently and had to ask for approval to speak. Allegedly, Johnny had escaped from a pedophile ring, was in mortal terror for his life, and had to live in secret under a fake name. He left very soon and has never contacted her again.

There is no corroborating evidence whatsoever for that meeting. Maybe the poor woman, after a decade of loss and heartbreak and seeing things no mother should see, went nuts or got drunk and hallucinated, or some merger of that.

Or... maybe it's true. *shudders*

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