Hi rflor74
It does not matter that you don't know where to start, the important thing is that made a start. I have found this site by chance and after many years of fumbling around, I finally started making some progress. I never told my parents and today I am not sure if I should tell my mother. I was also the victim of my older brother's friend, before my brother took over my life. It is so sorry what happened to you and what you have to deal with now, but you are young, you can start the healing early and not have to flounder through life, like many of us here, searching for answers that we don't even no the question to, doing things that we cannot find the reason for.
Good luck to you on this journey. Unfortunately there is no quick fix and road the might be hard at times, but we are here to support, encourage hopefully inspire you.

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When there are dolphins in the waves,
the sharks wont get to us.
I believed my dad that day
and became Dolphinboy,
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