A very young (8) pro-athlete I know was continually offered professional photo-sessions for pictures that would help in his public relations. Actually, his mum was offered them for her son.

The photographer wove his way into their lives. Mum was diligent though. She discovered the photographer's true identity as a previously convicted pedo. She contacted ALL authorities and ended all contact with Pedo-creep.

Now one would think "wow....we dodged a bullet there." Yes, we all think that, but we are all also freaked. Slightly traumatized. Upset. Disillusioned. How do you explain to the very-open and very public 8-yo athlete why PhotoDude won't ever be back? WHY he won't be back! WHAT he wanted.

This kid has LOTS of media attention, so I doubt he's never going to know the pedo's intentions and reasons.

Mum and sister...both his trainers, protectors, cheering-squad...now can't trust people like they use to. Now they can expect attack from anyone, from anywhere.

The boy's peers. They all know this photo-creep was going to shoot their close-friend. No they have to see "this" side of the world.

Everyone feels sick and sad....and a little more scared than before.

There are no "minor violations" of a child's trust or soul.