Last week I posted to a Facebook page that is actively working on incentives to promote awareness of CSA and to implement initiatives to help victims. I thought the posting was private and stated I was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and applauded them for their initiatives. I never thought it would be posted to my Wall on Facebook. It was posted and shortly after posting I received a message stating how proud a person I knew years ago was of me for not being silent and raising awareness of CSA. I was taken off guard and a bit scared because I never expected others to see this message. The messages and postings to my wall continued. I was amazed at the support and awareness many have of CSA. I also would run into people and hear the same words they had seen my comments. Tonight I went for drinks with friends and out of the nowhere I heard they saw the posting and how proud they were of me for having the courage to post the message. I explained it was not my intent but after it was seen by others, I felt good. I never expected the wonderful support. I have reconnected with people offering support, gave me their phone numbers and told me they are here for me and to call at anytime. One particular person I could tell had intimate knowledge or experience of CSA because they said do not listen to those who tell you they know what it is like to live with childhood sexual abuse because they have no idea. They think it is nothing and have no idea how it destroys the life of the child. I just said I understand and said I was here if they needed someone to talk to about CSA. I was quite relieved and now I believe my shame has been my shame. I also allowed the shame to control me as well as to allow those around me who taunt and try to stop the healing process to control me. It would be wonderful to have those around you express the support and heartfelt wishes others who I have known in life have expressed to me. I now know it is person specific and not society that turns an eye to the abuse and hinders healing of the victims.

So today I have renewed admiration for those that support the victim and their realize the devastation CSA causes.

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