when i started with my T i wasn't really looking for anything more than what i already knew or remembered. i sort of felt like there might be more buried but wasn't really wanting to dig that much. but more memories came as i was working on what i already knew about. kind of like ignoring a bird or animal that you know is out there and being still and focussed on something else - until it comes enough closer to you that you can see it. once the "new" memories emerged - it was as though i had always know them. i recognized them and knew that they were true - and not invented fantasies. but it was not easy to deal with - there was a reason i had repressed them for so long. i have gone beyond that now, though. they are a part of me but not the biggest or most important part.

hope you find what you need to heal,

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How long, LORD, must I call for help, but you do not listen?
Or cry out to you, “Violence!” but you do not save?
Why do you make me look at injustice?
Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?...
Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails....
Habakkuk 1:2-3