Hello everyone,

I had a very bad altercation today with the manager at a book store of all people. I was angry because she would take back a book I had rented. The reason? A mangled cover. I asked for the number of the corporate office. She continued on being condescending and belittling towards me. I told her I did not care and to just give me the number. Next thing I know "she's telling me to "watch it," which I found absolutely doubly rude to however I was being. Now I am feeling a storm of rage within myself, although I can't really understand why.

This always happens whenever I have a disagreement with someone. I take it so damn personally. I've done the normal venting procedures. I called the corporate store and made contact with the administration at my school about her conduct...and yet I still have this swirling rage. It's like, regardless if I report her,I won't feel any propensity to move on unless I know something happens to her.

The bubble of rage is literally keeping me from eating and enjoying my successes I am currently having. And I don't even get it. Logically, I realize that I should not be taking her immature and unprofessional conduct so seriously, but yet I am. I am reeling in rage right now and I could really use some support.

Any explanations and ways to get through it?