I don't think so.

I am transsexual and I was assaulted when I was still presenting as a girl. The memory was completely repressed until very recently. There are some symptoms that apply to both transsexual people and sexual assault survivors, like hating your genitals. But after just one day here, I realized something.

I had spoken to many female survivors of sexual assault. I felt sympathy for them, but I did not feel as if I had been in their shoes despite the fact that I had a similar experience to them. After I remembered the assault, I talked to a woman who survived sexual assault when she was a child. Even after knowing that we had similar experiences, it still did not feel like we went through the same thing.

And then I came here. And I instantly felt connected to the people here - and it was because they were men like me.

There may have been some anatomical differences in how I was assaulted vs most of the men here, but what I realized is that male survivors react to our assaults differently from women, and that we recover differently.

I guess this was a tangent, starting off with my take on how assault doesn't change your internal identity, and ended up with me babbling about how my I relate my unchanged gender identity to my assault.

PS: I am bisexual and I don't think it has anything to do with my assault. The notion that my sexual orientation and my assault are related just seems ludicrous to me.