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Enosburg Falls, isnít that the home of the Vermont Dairy Festival, any state where the dairy cows outnumber the people is my kinda place

Sorry but as a dairy farmer I just have to say thanks for saying this. It made my night!!! laugh

It can get pretty lonely on 265 acres and with John Deere and 230 Jersey cows too.

But I like the solitude most of the time. People I don't get...cows I get!

I used to work in a high pressure job and work 14 hour days and never see my family. Now I make my kids breakfast and lunch and drive them to the bus for school. They know I'm always here. I still work a lot and don't play with them as much as they would like - but I am here for them. We used to live in a 'nice' modern house and now we live in a 110 year old renovator's dream. We have a very simple life and I love it! In Australia we call it a 'Tree Change'.

Cee - if you really hate your life that much - maybe you need to think about down sizing or something?

Your family need you more than they need money!

Sorry if that sounds harsh but I think it is the truth.

More than meets the eye!