Ok my user name has a couple of meanings to me.

It was the first thing that popped into my head. I had used it before as my user name for my profile on an ametuar gay porn site. It is amazing how many guys are turned on by farmers. That was pretty embarrassing to admit. blush

I grew up on a farm and looked a lot like my avatar when I was first abused. Except I had blonde hair. It reminds me of the innocence I lost.

My dad was a farmer and I was a farmer's boy.

13 years ago I married a farmer (my beautiful wife) and became her boy.

3 years ago I gave up my job as a Graphic Designer to work with her on our own dairy farm so now I am a real farmer boy.

I ride motor bikes, horses, drive tractors, plough paddocks, fix fences, milk cows, pull calves - the whole deal.

I am a real farmer....and I am a boy.
More than meets the eye!