Iíve always been alone and will always will be; born alone and die alone or whatever the saying is. Not sure if this is a question or a statement or what, but my situation taught me at an early age I had no one on this planet except me who was going to do anything good for me but me; not family, not teachers, not doctors, therapists, and because of my situation didnít even have a god for help. I know that might be familiar to most of you reading this, but is it superficial for me to keep believing this; I post here and have told the wife. I havenít been alone in a long time (saintly wife) but other than that, Iíve always worked alone, travel alone, eat alone, just like then, always alone. I sit in a room typing with about 70 people besides myself, these are all strangers, not even a word or glance between us, sad all of us so alone most of the time; just the echoes of torment inside your skull.
Tired of the road, tired of being alone, tired of being tired, just canít leave a job that pays like this. Life just really sucks sometimes, I just want a couple acres somewhere in Vermont to call home so tired of just wandering, tired of knowing how to drive through NYC or Toronto or some other hellhole of a city, the airport codes ect, it just sucks! Give me 50 acres and a Deere, hell 5 acres and a snow-blower be ok too.


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"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine