You can view it as an opportunity to take your life back. But the reality is the Boy Scouts like the Catholic Church will use all in its power to revictimize you, to make you believe it did not happen or something you brought on yourself. If you can overcome the attacks on you and the past, and with time ability to support your abuse with physically and corroborative evidence can be difficult.

I know my abuser and I have talked to people who have gone to the church tribunals for justice. Several found it empowering others felt the pains and hurt all over--they were made to feel guilty. It seems to depend on the individual, your support system and the group who will be reviewing your case--there are some compassionate people in these organizations and others who are still in denial.

Whatever you decide, take your time to think it through, and whatever decision you make--it is your decision and it will be the right one I had someone say I should sue so they could get some of the money. that was not right for me at that time. I am playing with the idea of pursuing since I met a priest who gave me support and compassion during a difficult time and helped me face the place of the abuse. He also offered to help me through the process. He did not push and said it was my decision and in my own time. I think that is the best advise.

Good luck

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