Anyone have any experience with taking legal action for their abuse? I have the opportunity, and I really can't decide. I've been struggling with this since the news hit about the boy scouts several weeks ago. In case anyone is contemplating assisting me with this decision I provide the following as background:

- I've always known it happened. Until recently I didn't realize it was such a horrible thing. He had me so convinced that it was something done to show love.
- The boy scouts and he were taken to court in MD for the same thing (I was abused in RI).
- He "lost" the case in MD. In RI he was sentenced to therapy (I wasn't involved in the litigation at that time).
- The scouts won their case by throwing mud on the family of the victim.
- He's dead.

My thought is to possibly establish a case against the scouts. My questions are these:

- Is there any potential benefit to me? (closure? vindication?)
- Are there any potential hazards for me? (public disclosure of my history?)
- Is there any potential benefit to the youth now and future? (I have decided that if I go forward with this, I will establish a fixed percent of any settlement to donate to a worthy cause, such as boy/girls club of America)

That's about it. Anyone out the having gone through the litigation process, please let me know as much as you can about your experience.

Thanks everyone.
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