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For those that have used the E to work things through, what do they do...get a fix?

From what I understand, its kinda a one and done kind of deal. You go to one or 2 sessions, take the drug, and work through stuff while it works its magic. Its supposed to have long term consequences and probably permanent change in people who take it that stay with you. It doesn't deal with the symptoms, it deals directly with the problem and kinda fixes it. Or it permanently diminishes the symptoms to very manageable levels. Of course the permanency of its effects also depends on the will of the person going through with the therapy. And even if it is a kind of magic cure all, the biggest downside is the experience of dealing with crap while under the influence of this stuff is its very VERY painful. It magnifies the hellish experience of reliving your trauma by tenfold, and really forces you to deal with it. So the trade off really becomes a much more permanent solution to your issues and pain in exchange for a wild and probably VERY unpleasant ride.

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