A serious discussion board for small size anxiety / body image issues is Measurection. Lots of guys feel serious heartache when they can't help but notice that Junior ended up with more than they did. There's talk about clothing issues and which friends it is "safe" to go swimming with.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is LPSG (Large Penis Support Group). No joke, people get things assumed about them, especially if they're early bloomers they can attract the wrong kind of attention and get publicly humiliated (or worse). I've seen quite a few serious discussions of CSA there. Be warned - it's got porn-y / hookup-y elements so folks who struggle with "acting out" should use discretion.

I apologize if referring to such sites is not approved of - please feel free to delete if deemed necessary.

So much angst over some gristle that, even if pornishly huge, is still a small part of your body. No matter what you've got there's always a way for someone to make you feel bad about it.

If we're all sharing, I ended up with more than most - but would have gladly traded some back in if it would have let me avoid teenaged excessive male breast development (gynecomastia). You could have an elephant trunk downstairs and still never be respected, never escape the unfathomable humiliation. NEVER showered in gym and wore a t-shirt during the two horrible weeks of gym swim. Guys in the locker room would touch - and pinch - a lot - the pinching was startlingly painful and the lingering pain made me feel weak and feminine. Had those surgically normalized the minute I turned 18 - best money my parents ever spent - but even with a normal male chest it took me years to ever be comfortable changing or swimming or going to a beach, and sort of always remained phobic about my weight / eating for fear if I got heavy they'd grow back (which is impossible - breast tissue not fatty tissue - but that's why its called a phobia and not a doctorial thesis).

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