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They have a specific focus on CSA. One of the things I was told was they want to get you first into a group situation before they do a one on one with a therapist.
This sounds exactly backwards to me. I think an individual therapist can best determine whether you'd benefit from a group.

I don't clearly remember the details since it was six months ago, and I don't think I clearly expressed it above. And I didn't go into some details as I don't want to sidetrack the thread.

Like I said one of their primary programs is dealing with CSA. It is a free program but limited to one year. So my understanding was that they would like to get you into a group first to explore what issues you have. So that in the individual sessions there is less time spent on determining the approach to take considering the time is limited. In my case in the initial consultation it was decided that that was not the best approach for me and that I should be in a one on one session with a therapist. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet.