I have had dissociative disorder (DIDNOS) and depersonalization. EMDR has been really good for me. Some sessions at first got me into touch with some very hot abusive stuff. I couldn't go back to work for several hours. I had to walk it off in the mall or in the park. Then it took me a couple of days to come into a level flight path. BUT my EMDR last session a little over a year ago got in way over my head. We jumped into the matter of TERROR on about the last or next to last day of my captivity. It was so bad that I dissociated. Now I have to find a new EMDR specialist. I think it may be kind of like having dental work done without anesthesia. I think that an agreement needs to be worked out that when the pain level reaches a certain extent that there would be some simple sign like raising a hand that would signal too much pain.