My first post here, and as I understand things I'm supposed to say hello, a few pretty words, and then move into other forums to discuss why I am really here.


I've just joined the group this week, so don't expect me to be of much help to most of you, except to offer support, and increase your surety and mine that we are not alone.

I've been through sexual abuse a number of times. I don't enjoy talking about it, and am here mining for techniques to handle the stress, the shame. the emotions. I'm tired of letting my attackers run my life after their deaths.

I'd like to find writers who are collecting stories; as I'd like to expose those who abused me, and those who protected them. If I were seeking personal vengeance, I would have done that quietly. I would like to live in peace, to experience harmony.


I'd like some justice.

I'd like to move on.

There were several major events. I was abused sexually, physically and emotionally by an older female sibling from as early as I can recall until I was about 10. I was raped by a male teacher at a boarding school when I was 15, I was abducted and raped by three grown men and a younger woman when I was 17. I'm sure I have PTSD, and occasionally deep depression. I'm confident that l can get through to a better place.