Holidays + Family gatherings = Living Hell for men who were assaulted by relatives

Some of us were assaulted by family members, some of us are triggered by family members, and some of us are hiding our "secret" and symptoms from family members. But holidays traditionally include a family gathering.

The list of triggering events also includes relatives (and in-laws) who may be staying in our homes. They may be inviting themselves to extended stay in your living space, or they may be aggressive and triggering types of people.

Guys, what would ya say to putting together our own Quick Reference Thread to survive these things? Rather than a lengthy thread of complaints, let's see if we can make an "Emergency Kit" for those of us who will need it through January, a thread we can come to and read for some quick suggestions when Aunt Tilly or Uncle Fred are triggering our symptoms.

At the moment, I have no ideas, although I could use some. What has worked for you? Can you offer suggestions to others here? cool