As a toddler what are you supposed to say? What reference do you have to compare whatís being done to you? In my case when everyone knew, no one did a thing, my father a very devout man basically said it was gods will that his father did me; how are you supposed to deal with this as a 4 year old; let alone at any age? I answer this listening to ďdirty blvdĒ, just where I belong, dirty blvd; dead or dying. Itís so hard to live with yourself, you can see yourself just fading away, and donít care, just take me in my sleep please; I just need peace please, Iím so tired of fighting, and donít care anymore, if donít wake up tomorrow someone listened to my prayers.
"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine