Itís funny never done X however all your typical psychotropics I have plenty of experience with. Most of my drug use was in my teens and twenties however recently tried salvia, nothing like it, definitely not a party drug, itís what forced me to deal with the same stuff as everybody here, 40 years of denial requires the use of strong stuff! Please also understand that I in no way condone the use of drugs in any situation, except coffee and mj. You have to understand for most people serious doses of serious psychotropics is not a good thing, and you never know what the outcome may be. Many moons ago me and my best friend then dosed in excess of 2400Ķg of LSD; letís just say things for me were really weird, however my friend wasnít so lucky, one minute weíre talking about how this is some good shit and the next heís picking up a peach crate full of CDís and throwing them across the room, exploding into a million rainbows of colour, nothing can compare to 100+ CDís reflecting the sunlight into limitless rainbows, still one of the most beautiful things Iíve ever seen, then he literally ran through a set of French doors, I didnít see it, or see anything else from him until about 2 days later when heís released from the hospital, latter I found out he was running around the neighborhood screaming about the Pittsburg Steelers until the cops and paramedics carted him off. We both laughed about it, but he remembers nothing and the idiot says that the 103 stiches were worth it? The thing is that at these levels of drugs your mind reaches a cognitive dissidence of its own, because your normal conscious self is now able to see your subconscious and both the parallel and disparate realities come into play, merge into one and start the process all over again, itís really the same thing, with everything else Iíve done mushrooms, mesc, peyote, PCP, DMT, any of that stuff, maybe the process is little different but the outcome is always the same. Thatís where salvia is different; my thought processes are as clear as sit here typing this, while visions are put before me, true cognitive dissidence. This stuff is powerful, not to be used lightly, at the dosages Iím talking about here it is the only thing that Iíve ever done where the fear during the experience at least equals and maybe exceeds that of my abuse, weíre talking sheer terror, dying while still being alive! For me there were no bad after affects, itís all been good; even stopped drinking and have no desire to use any of these types of drugs again, like I said coffee & mj only.

This is a potent herb please tread carefully.

"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine