Well as I said in a recent thread, interestingly enough this lecturer actually died over the summer quite suddenly, ---- but I don't think too many people are sorry she's gone.

It's not however her emotions I'm concerned with, so much as the fact that she was able! to spout this sort of sexist diatribe in a so called introductory degree. imagine if someone had stood up when we were learning philosophy of mind and expressed the belief that women are less rational than men and should therefore be discouraged from doing highly logical jobs, ---- imagine how the proverbial excreta would've struck the air conditioner?

This is why i tend to think that the hole atittude towards male rape comes from sexism applied towards men, particularly from second wave feminists, ---- that is feminists of the "kill all the men" variety, (which is by no means all feminists, many are quite reasonable and do actually advocate gender equality).