A couple of things. I have been in what I consider successful treatment for PTSD. My story is on here in previous posts.

One thing the article did not go into that I would like to point out is likely. The doses they gave the patient are likely not anywhere near what is taken for recreation purposes. This is like with Adderal and Ritalin.

There seems to be a constant search in this area. My own treatment largely centered around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (talk) and antidepressants to take the edge off and sleep at night. The therapist that got things to work also spent time getting me not to give details but to focus on learning to control my physical reactions to fear and anxiety. Once I became adept at doing that, we started approaching what had happened with frequent breaks to apply techniques to control my body. This mixed in some art therapy while describing different scenes. Finally, I was instructed to write out the events in a journal. That was HARD. Then we read it out in therapy, applying the body control and discussing what the events and my actions meant. I then put the journal away and very rarely if ever look at it. I now find myself rarely experiencing intrusive and uncontrolled flashbacks. Also, through prayer guided by AA, I came to a point that I could forgive my perp. Very long journey.

Right now, I am focusing on learning to trust others and form bonds without fear of betrayal.

Given the preceding recounting, I see the ecstasy as a way of replacing the body control techniques. This is NOT something where you should look up your local drug dealer and start taking E and it will cure you like taking aspirin for a headache. The problem I see with the technique is that on a long term basis, when the flashbacks have returned, I have been able to apply my techniques, get through them and generally do not have continuous symptoms. For those that have used the E to work things through, what do they do...get a fix?

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God grant me
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