I'd be VERY careful about what you read out in publications and on the internet. The "false memory" (FM) evangelists all seem to have an agenda with a strong drive behind it.

Many of these people are the "heavy deniers," who need to make sense of the senseless acts of a loved-one. They leverage the usually long span between the rape/CSA and the disclosure date to bolster their position, without any mention of the reasons of long secrecy.

The Cath Church kicked the FM theory into high-gear...and not just the priests and their lawyers; no! T'was the parishioners mostly who took the reigns and chased that bad bitch-down for a tackle. In the early-days, no one was exempt from having to defend against FM...not even little kids whose "imaginations run wild all the time."

But there's still not been one proven case of false memories that I have been witness to. Not one! There HAVE however, been cases of willful and outright lies that have ruined the lives of the accused. Those are horrid events of humanity, and they are often used in support of the FM theory in non-academic articles.