Thank you ((((Lee))) for encouraging words.
You know I did some short research (I'm coming from mining city and I like to dig trough wasteland of posts offered us here as long as it needs) and I found your first post Lee that I commented, let us go back into past for short to get insight into one long healing year and to feel how was it than, what has changed and where we are now smile
Here it is Temporary oasis
And your thread about Is it Stockholm Syndrome? somehow stayed in my memory as very important and very insightful, I meet there some other nice guys for the first time too smile
Thank you for kind words even I wouldn't call myself angel smile I'm terrible difficult in taking any praise so this is like kind of homework for me, yes I'm always trying to make things better and I never believe that there is no way out smile
I've found that occasionally fear is plying too important role in our lives, we really don't need to be scared of anything.

Hey ((((Gecko)))), you don't know how I'm proud on you man. You were near leaving us and I'm so glad that we managed somehow trough that small "crisis". I think that would be terrible loss for all of us if you left MS , you have so much to give and share. Your story has healing powers (proved smile ), you wrote it so intensively and with so many details that catapult us while reading it directly into your mind and situations during your difficult moments, that is so huge experience, I think that many of us could get inspired by reading it wink

Hey ((((Publius)))), wow man, you did so much in your recovery, thanks for sharing with us. You are not alone, you said it well, we all are here to give support to each other when we need it the most. Your post from yesterday brought couple of tears to my eyes wink , keep sailing like that through healing!


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