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Generally speaking, I would say, don't worry about false memories. If you think something happened, chances are, something like that did happen. Don't 2nd guess yourself.

I'm reading a book called Subliminal - How your unconscious mind rules your behavious. The section I just read dealt with memories. How inaccurate they can be but in the end the brain is doing a bit of data compression and while minute details can be wrong the core of the information is what it retains.

I'm only a quarter of the way through the book but based on what I have read I will be recommending it to some individuals I know.

I remember very little about my abuse. (or most of my childhood) But the parts that I have I have had all along. And it doesn't matter if I can't recall much else. I know what I remember and if that is all that happend then it was more than bad enough.