No kidding SoccerStar. I did not want to delve too far into that topic but suffice it to say most of the guys I met were straight identified but "sometimes just felt like doing this or that with a guy." Part of what helped me stop was the thought that I was quite possibly hurting other survivors by enabling their self-abuse (not to mention my own). The point you made about people not realizing the connection between CSA and their behavior is actually quite profound.

A while back I read an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit.com with a former gay prostitute who supposedly liked girls but lived off of his hooking for awhile. At one point, someone asked him when and with who his first sexual experience was and he responded by saying he was 12 and his partner 18. He mentioned it like it was nothing. Someone later on said something along the lines of "ummm you were sexually abused..." I actually have a female friend who was sexually abused but hasn't made the emotional connection yet, stating rather flatly it is something that happened, it felt good, and though it was probably bad it hasn't really impacted her terribly. For the record, she once told me she "could never say no" when propositioned for sex and most recently she is getting a divorce after a couple years of marriage : /
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