LOL guys. Talk about a thread that's outta control! Gawd, I love it...and, yeah, helps my spirits as this sh*t drags on. Hell, I was trying to be NICE with the Chrismahanukwanzakah song. Oh well, huh?

Wanted to share an experience I had yesterday that illustrates how I sometimes need to hear an outside perspective. Hadn't seen my massage therapist in a few weeks. So I described in detail - as you've heard here - what's been going on with pain, meds, missteps, etc. This is a guy who isn't easily moved. He told me he was shocked because he didn't realize the struggle with the pain, even after the lesions had healed. He thought that once it healed it was over. He was actually distressed by what I described about the residual pain.

He gave me a good, long hug - which I've apparently needed more than I realized - and I almost started crying.

I'm okay this morning, but I'm still digesting all that.