"some of the men I've met when acting out exhibited behaviors/said things that made me think they were also survivors"

This, this, this, this, this.

The population of guys on various websites who are straight-identified but willing to consider experimentation via various methods (real or virtual) contains an astounding number who by any definition would count as survivors even if they don't know it or don't seem to feel bad about it and give all appearance of enjoying their current sexualities.

If in the thread about "first times" you say you were 10 and an acquaintance 7 or more years older taught you to suck dick, or that you were 14 and your 44-year-old neighbor taught you to explore, then as Jeff Foxworthy would say, you might be a survivor. And so would be the dozen other guys saying much the same. I realize there are differential grades of whether experiences were truly unwanted and left truly bad feelings, but still - from just a mechanical perspective it all would ring up the same at the register.

On a seemingly standard and not-even-kinky porn chat site one of the regulars posted a thread about CSA called "Breaking the Silence". It went on for about 20 pages. Moths, meet candle. There was even a link given to here.

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