no, if you love him, dont run. help him heal.
but one thing has to be the first rule, honesty! and only honesty!
and regarding your kids: he said it might be better he doesnt have kids as your first reaction was like that. that can mean that he feels he wont be good enough (low self esteem inside there) or it might mean that he knows why its better and that wont be good. the thing is, if you love him, you stick to him. you cant just leave him for something which was surely not his fault. he was a kid, remember! just protect yourself from becoming co-dependent. it happens slowly and fast and it happens to so many women because they totally concentrate on whats good for him. you also exist - never forget that.
if you stay with him, be aware that his face he puts up in public (you said he was very open) might be adapted to what he learned he has to be like to look like a functioning member of society. we all do. but a survivor learns differently as his experience is unfortunately different.
he NEEDS to be honest fully to you and open, so that you know what you are living with.
your kids....they need to be told that abuse is nothing which only a stranger could do. it is also something a person they love could do. i am not saying it has to be him - no way. it could be anyone, from uncle over aunt over father, anyone. obviously not mother in this case smile but there are mothers like that out there, many more than we think.
keep on reading and school yourself on the topic child sexual abuse and see what other abuses might have been there in his childhood besides the sexual abuse.
this link helped me tons to understand. its a bit complicated and you probably have to google a few words, but its worth it.

i really wish you all the best - heads up!

everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end