Hi my Brothers,

I wanted to check in with you and let you know how I'm doing after I started testosterone treatment again. I'm on a low dose patch (2.5mg). My testosterone levels test at "slightly lower than average" for my age range. My Dr. was wonderful and allowed me to start taking the testosterone again.

2 days later I can report some major improvement in my mood.

1.I sleep much better, and I'm dreaming like crazy. I can remember my dreams.
2. I woke up with a smile on my face, the first time in months.
3. I am aware of a tension and anxiety that has been carried in my body forever that is melting away.

This is the same exact experience I had before when taking testosterone. It was kind of a happy accident that I provoked to try out testosterone, and was amazed at how much calmer, centered, and connected I felt to my body and to my experience.

I'm hopeful again, and can't wait to see my Dr and report the good news and see what else can be done (increase the dose? stay the same?).

I think a tremendous amount of research should be done on how hormones affect our moods. I think that many people have hormonal disorders which affect their moods, and the over reliance on SSRI / MAOI drugs is possibly doing more damage than good.

Just wanted to share my experience, and encourage anyone and everyone to get your testosterone levels checked. If you come out "slightly lower than normal" ask for a testosterone shot and see how you feel. Testosterone shots are super cheap and readily available.