I grew up as a Christian, and the one thing that has stuck with me ever since leaving the faith and exploring other ways to connect with my HP was this profound statement.

It hit me like a ton of bricks once I started working through my issues with CSA.

I don't think that the message was meant to slam "the truth" down other people's throats - rather - we speak "the Truth" in our hearts and in our minds. All of it. The twisted, disgusting secrets we carry in our hearts and minds.

"We are as sick as our secrets".

So, telling the absolute truth of what is in our hearts and minds will help to set us free from the secrets that bind us in isolation and in shame.

Most profound statement of psychology I think that has ever been uttered. And I live by this statement.

I have no secrets in my heart. Everything that is in me is known by at least one other person. Nothing is hidden.

It's hard work to tell the truth, but if one wants to be set free, one must open up the festering wounds that reek of secrets and shame and expose them to the light of acceptance and unconditional love.

My 3 cents.